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Hovair Systems recognizes that it needs the support of good, solid business partners to continue the trend of having one of the best support and backup teams in the  load moving industry. However, we also place a very high value on what our customers say about us and our products. Here is a small selection of recent testimonials:

They Are Fantastic! Wish We Could Have Had These Years Ago

Within 2 hours of receiving the air bearing and caster kit system we had moved 7 loads and positioned them within a 1/16th of an inch of alignment. This would have taken us all day with our usual method. Please send us a price for more.

John Urick, Guidant Corporation, Minnesota.

The Operators Love Them

We received the Hovair Systems transporter early last month and put it in use right away. It lifts and handles the 4000 lb loads very well and most of all, the operators love it. Thank you for implementing our special requests.

Commscope Corporation, North Carolina.

We Have Identified An Excellent Air Bearing System That Will Help Us To Improve Our Performance

In our strategy against our competitors, we understand that when one of our products is going to be installed it has to be fast, with quality and good presentation - The Hovair air bearing system covers it all.

We are very satisfied with the equipment, everybody and specially our client see now the advantages.

I recommend the Hovair air bearing system with remote control.

We have identified an excellent air bearing system that will help us to improve our performance.

Carlos Peralta, Siemens, Mexico.

The Hovair Systems Air Bearing Equipment Was Our Secret Weapon

Thought I would let you know our pipeline shutdown was a success and the Hovair air bearings played a huge role.

They saved us approximately 6 hours compared to the same job last year.

As the contractor, it was our secret weapon and it definitely set a new standard for moving this type of load.

Alyeska Pipeline, Alaska.

They Honor Warranty Commitments In Pursuit Of A Satisfied Customer

There are several operational characteristics about Hovair Systems that stand out and are appreciated.

They're mindful of delivery schedules and work with a healthy sense of urgency to meet commitments.

They change and adapt their products to differing operational environments with a focus on improving and evolving transporter solutions.

They honor warranty commitments in pursuit of a satisfied customer.

We've ridden with them for many years and have no complaints. They're a great group to work with.

Lockheed Martin Corporation. Fort Worth, Texas.

Working With Hovair Systems Was A Pleasant Experience

They were extremely helpful in the design, fabrication and delivery of a custom air pallet. Delivery was well ahead of schedule with the device performing exactly as intended.

There is no question that working with Hovair Systems was a pleasant experience.

Bill Reynolds, Foster-Miller, Waltham, Massachusetts.