VL type stainless steel modules

VL-type Stainless Steel Modules

VL-type stainless steel modules are designed to provide an efficient load moving system for loads and machines of lighter weights that do not need the tremendous lifting power of the A-type and B-type counterparts. VL-type systems are especially suited for delicate operations and clean room applications. They will complement any facility that requires environmentally friendly equipment.

VL-type modules are designed to secure directly to the application via a central mounting bolt. They are ideal for securing directly to machinery or other similar loads that need repetitive or frequent movements. With the modules attached to the load, you can quickly and easily connect and disconnect the air supply hoses, leaving the application free to operate where required. They can also be incorporated to many other Hovair Systems products. When used as lightweight machine moving equipment, these great tools offer tremendous versatility and can easily handle delicate and fragile machinery with pinpoint precision and accuracy in positioning. They are environmentally friendly-fresh air in and fresh air out – and can provide the ideal solution for clean room operations.

VL-type stainless steel module and air bearing top and bottom views.

The profile height of these stainless steel modules is 20mm (approximately¾”) in an “Air Off” state.

These stainless steel modules have their air bearings molded (rolled) into them at the manufacture stage. Each VL air bearing is gently rolled and secured into a stainless steel module which acts as a damping chamber to cause the down-force necessary to float the load to its destination.

Air supply is regular compressed air delivering a constant 80 psi.

ViewVL-type module specifications

View floor specifications (pdf)

Stainless Steel Module Weight Capacities

In Pounds
VL-200 385
VL-250 550
VL-300 880
VL-350 1320

Typical VL-type Stainless Steel System

Please note: This diagram is not to scale and the tee-piece and ball valve hardware is shown only to indicate the ease of set up and simplicity of these great air bearing systems. The fittings supplied with the VL-type systems may differ from what is shown here.

VL-type air bearing systems are available in complete kits which include everything you need to be up and running quickly. Kits include air supply hoses, valves, connecting hardware, quick-disconnect fittings and ball valve control.

Check out a customized air pallet for Clean Room operation using VL-type air bearings.

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