MatJack Air Lifting Bags  -  The Perfect Solution for Lifting Heavy Loads

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Air lifting bags for the material handling industry     High quality MatJack air lifting bag - great for moving and lifting heavy loads

Place A MatJack Under Your Load and Inflate - It Really Is That Easy!

Air Lifting Bags - by MatJack - Reliable, Safe & Easy to Use

A high quality Air Lifting Bag designed to complement load moving equipment in the material handling industry.

Only 1" clearance required    Lift up to 50 tons    Lift up to 50 tons with ease

Slide under your load    Inflate and watch your load rise from the ground    All in seconds

Manufactured in Kevlar material, or steel woven mesh, these terrific lifting accessories are the ideal alternate lifting equipment to assist in placing Hovair Systems load moving equipment - air caster bearings - in the correct locations before commencing operations.

MatJack Air Lifting Bags go anywhere you have one inch clearance beneath your load. The lifting bag has a raised, conical, interlocking surface that is designed to "grip the load." Excessive gaps can be bridged with strong plywood or other types of lumber.

Click this picture - Air Bag Lifting Tools -  The Perfect Solution for Lifting Heavy LoadsKevlar air lifting bag models have 5 full layers of Kevlar material - making it one of the strongest air lifting bags in the business.

Woven Steel Mesh models have three full layers of woven steel mesh, offering a similar strength to the Kevlar models. However the Woven Steel Mesh models are a little heavier than the Kevlars, but the lifting capacities are both the same.

Air Lifting Bag Weight Capacities offer diverse capabilities throughout a wide range of product models. Starting at 1 ton lift capacity the range goes up to 70 tons - with many models in between. It is worth noting here that all models have an approximate lifting height at a certain "optimum" weight. This is not necessarily the maximum weight capacity of the air lifting bag. A bag's lift height maybe less than stated depending on the weight and position of the load being lifted. Look for Hovair Systems recommended weight capacities for optimum use in the specifications table.

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