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Paper Roll  Handling Equipment  •  Drum Handling Equipment

Heavy paper roll and industrial drum handlers are an ideal solution for companies that need to move heavy cable drums, large heavy paper rolls, and other circular objects quickly and effortlessly in an industrial environment.

We have several variations of paper roll and drum handling equipment available. However, as no two customer's needs and specifications are alike, we find it much easier to customize the equipment specifically for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your needs and specifications.

Check out some of the impressive features and benefits of these fine drum and roll handling equipment systems:

  • Easily handle heavy paper rolls, cable drums and other coils of heavy materials.

  • Cost-effective & low maintenance - all you need is a little shop air.

  • Omni-directional - great for tight spaces.

  • Adjustable width to suit most size drums/rolls.

  • Reliability of air powered systems.

  • Quiet and gentle to operate - no user fatigue.

  • Minimum floor lift ensures little risk of load damage.

  • Use of air film protects floor surfaces.

  • Hovair’s great pre-sale and backup support.

  • Model RH8 = 8,000 pound lift capacity

  • Model RH12 = 12,000 pound lift capacity

Our support team is always ready to answer questions on paper roll and drum handling equipment. Please don't hesitate to contact us for fast, friendly, and no obligation info to suit your needs and specs. Or call us on our toll-free number - (800) 237-4518.

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