Air Lifting Jacks - Load Leveling Jacks & Equipment

Air Lifting Jacks - Load Leveling Jacks & Equipment


Hovair Systems air lifting (lift) jacks are an ideal solution if you have loads that need to be at a certain level in order to operate correctly. Such loads could be scaffolding or certain machinery that needs constant level checking.

This load leveling (jacks) equipment would be suitable in the case of needing to lift machinery, or other such loads, in order to drop them onto leveling pads or their own sets of wheels, or simply to add leveling devices or adjust them to suit the operation.

From the pictures (right) you will notice that the lift jacks are permanently mounted onto an air bearing. This gives you the flexibility of being able to move your load directly from the lift jack units. In the case of scaffold, for instance, these jacks would be ideal because they can actually level the structure as well as move it to another area in just one operation. As with all our air bearing products, all you need is a little shop air plugged into a valve and off you go. It really is that simple.

In the picture to the right, you will see a cranking handle which allows you to manually lift or lower your load. Just below the crank handle is a metal attachment plate which is used to permanently attach your load to the lift jack. Also shown is the air valve & air flow control which indicates just how easy it is to operate these great devices.

Please note: all jacks are supplied with top-mounted crank handles as standard. A side-mounted crank handle is available on request.

A 12-inch lifting jack with top-mounted crank handle fitted as standard.


Air Lifting Jacks - Load Leveling Jacks & Equipment

A 40-inch lifting jack with
side-mounted crank handle

A typical side-mounted
crank handle

Underside of lifting jack showing
air bearing and load pad.


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