Air Beams And Lift Decks


Air Beams

Moving and Handling Equipment: Powered by air bearings, air beams are a great way of moving heavy loads that require a low profile
device to engage them. Standard aluminum, lightweight air beams have a
profile height of just 2 inches allowing them to fit right under loads
that would not normally accept such a device.

length varies from 4ft to 12 ft, and widths from 1 ft to 4ft – depending
on your needs and the type of load to be moved. Certain heavy load
movements can be carried out with air beams of differing lengths.

Used in sets of two or more air beams, each beam has a lifting capacity
of up to 60,000 pounds (30 tons). Air beams are generally used where
load length varies while width remains the same.

Pictured here is a pair of air beams which are freestanding, thus
allowing different parts of a load to be supported as necessary. Notice
the individual valves for fine tuning of all bearings individually. This
is helpful if you have a load that is heavier in different places and
therefore needs greater support in those areas.