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What are Air Casters?

Air Casters are similar to all other casters in that they move across a floor surface in some way or other. The majority of casters tend to be smaller in size and generally fit underneath furniture, carts and things like supermarket trolleys.

Air Casters, however, are a little different in that they are designed to lift and move heavy loads, and a pneumatically powered - think compressed air here. Regular casters are not really designed to carry heavy loads, and there is a high likelihood that they will also damage the floor surface they are rolling along.

To recap: air casters are powerful, air driven tools that are designed for industrial load moving and material handling equipment use. There is no other similarity between any other casters except that they all move things in their own way.

Air Casters are devices that are designed to interconnect with others so they will form a powerful load moving system. When correctly connected and operated, air casters are capable of lifting and moving heavy loads or machines up to 100 tons.

The principle of air casters is based on that of the hovercraft which uses air to cause flotation on a surface. Water and land in the case of a hovercraft, and interior style concrete floors in the case of air casters. Air casters are usually operated in internal locations, although they can be used outside if the floor surface is suitable. They love smooth floors and hate floors which are bumpy and porous.

Here are two typical air casters:

The one on the left is a square aluminum air caster even though it has a round air bearing. The one on the right is a round steel air caster. Both have air flow control valves for controlling how the air bearing performs.

Air Casters are typically used in a series of four (or more) and a formed into a footprint resembling the load they are going to move. Here is a typical air caster footprint:


They are all interconnected with air hoses and culminate at the system entry point with an on/off ball valve.

The real power of air casters lies in the type and properties of the air bearings they are attached to. In simple terms: The bigger the air bearing, the bigger the weight capacity. Read more about air bearing capacities.

Using Air Caster Load Moving Systems Will Make Your Load Moving So Much Easier.

Check Out All Your Air Caster Options & Free Online Videos Here

Using Hovair's great air caster systems you can now move loads of any shape, size or weight using just a little of the regular compressed air in your shop. These systems are so easy to use. Anyone can use them: guys, gals, even the boss.

We have a great range of starter kits available complete with all hoses and necessary fittings. When your load capacities grow, simply add a couple more caster modules to take the strain and it is business as usual.

You can move loads of up to 100 tons and more with virtually no effort at all.

Move your loads into places that a forklift truck or overhead crane just cannot get to. You will be amazed how easy your air casters can maneuver your loads into tight spaces.

Check out our main web site and look for the demo videos which will show you just how easy these systems are to use.

Hovair Systems of Seattle are one of the leading USA air caster manufacturers, and have over 30 years experience in providing load moving solutions to industry in USA, Canada and the rest of the world.

Click here to see a demo movie showing one man and an air caster kit moving a heavy load of steel girders - with very little effort

Here are some of the benefits to using a Hovair Systems air caster system:

  • Move loads of any weight, shape or size with ease

  • Affordable, safe, and cost-effective

  • Fully modular - add and remove air caster modules as often as you want to

  • Uses only compressed air in your shop - no messy fuels or nightly charging

  • Can be permanently fixed to heavy machinery for quick and easy machine moving

  • Available in lightweight aluminum or round steel formats

  • Terrific backup and support service by Hovair Systems knowledgeable staff

These great systems are in use all across the world and are making life so much easier for their owners. Ask Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Pilkington, Lockheed Martin - all companies that use them daily.

Why not click the link below to go to our main web site where you will find lots of information on these and other great air caster products.

Click here to see more demo movies and a great product line that can take care of all your load moving needs

Air Caster Load Moving Systems

Check out our full line of air caster powered products here

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