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Material Handling Systems

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Air Powered Material Handling Systems  Will Make Moving Your Loads A Breeze

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Material Handling Systems by Hovair Systems, USA

Hovair Systems is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic powered material handling systems using a single source of compressed air to drive systems carrying machines and loads up to 100 tons.

See about is a Heavy Duty Transporter, a pair of Air Beams, and a Stainless Steel Air Caster Kit System perfectly suited for Clean Room Operations.

All are powered by compressed air and require no other source of energy.

Hovair Systems have a wide range of machine moving products and heavy load moving equipment to choose from.

Click here to see a demo movie showing one man moving a heavy load of steel girders - with very little effort

Hovair Systems of Seattle are one of the leading air bearing manufacturers, and have over 40 years experience in providing load moving solutions to industry in USA, Canada and the rest of the world.

Here are some of the benefits to using a Hovair Systems air bearing and caster load moving system:

  • Affordable, safe, and cost-effective
  • Uses only compressed air in your shop - no messy fuels or nightly charging
  • Can be permanently fixed to heavy machinery for quick and easy machine moving
  • Available in lightweight aluminum or round steel formats
  • Height profiles as low as 1" - modules easily slide under most loads
  • Terrific backup and support service by Hovair Systems management

These great systems are in use all across the world and are making life so much easier for their owners. Ask Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Pilkington, Lockheed Martin - all companies that use them daily.

Click here to see more demo movies and a great product line that can take care of all your load moving needs

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