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Industrial Machinery Handling - Lifting & Moving

Industrial Machinery Handling - Lifting and Moving a heavy metal tank along a tracked travel path to ensure accuracy in positioning.          Here is a heavy Caterpillar machine being moved at a large power plant in Kentucky. Doesn't look like there is too much effort involved.

Very often industrial machinery is difficult to lift and move principally because of the sheer size and weight of the machine. Rarely are two machines ever identical and each machine will have different properties. One of the main properties is the manufacturer-defined support points - generally fitted with large metal feet.

Above you can see two different machines set up for moving across a floor surface using air film technology - floating the machine on a thin film of air - think hovercraft here.

Hovair Systems is a leading manufacturer in the field of industrial machine handling and has over 40 years experience developing the air film concept.

Hovair has a full range of air casters and skates that lift, move and handle machinery right up to 100 tons and beyond. This equipment is also widely used in the Rigging Industry to move around heavy machines during installation.

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Industrial Machinery Handling - Lifting and Moving