What is an Air Bearing?

What is an air bearing - a Hovair Systems article by David Roberts.An air bearing is a device that is part of an air caster load module setup.

When fitted into an air caster load module, an air bearing provides the pressurized air that connects with a non-porous floor surface and causes the load to lift thus forming a thin film of air on which heavy loads and machinery can be floated to a different location.

The main purpose of the air bearing is to be able to cause flotation of the load to take place.

To the right top is an image of a square aluminum air load module with a fitted air bearing. The air bearing is the black diaphragm located on the yellow load module. Below right is a diagram of a typical air bearing footprint when assembled into a load moving system.

A David Roberts Article: What is an air bearing.Air casters are usually used in series of four or more to form a load or machine moving system. Machines weighing up to 50 tons and beyond are easily moved by a set of air casters.

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What is an Air Bearing?

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