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Are Air Casters Safe To Use

Yes they are. One of the main benefits to using Hovair air casters is that there is very little risk involved when using air casters or setting them up.

In general, when air casters are energized with compressed air, the fitted air bearing on the underside of the air caster module inflates until it is full of compressed air. Air bearings do not inflate like a balloon; it is more of a gentle inflation with compressed air at around 13 psi. When the air bearing is fully inflated, it will simply exhaust surplus air out through the sides of the air bearing diaphragm. Air bearings do not keep on inflating until they go bang. They are designed to lift only to a certain height and then stop inflating.

When the air bearings in a system, like the image below, are energized with compressed air, the whole system of four air bearings is designed to rise and lift the load clear of the floor. When this happens, the load is still very close to the floor surface - perhaps only a couple of inches or so depending on the type of air bearing and modules being used. By being relatively close to the floor when operating, there is very little chance of the load or machine being able to topple over and sustain damage.

Are Air Casters Safe To Use | Another good article by Hovair Systems, leading manufacturer of machine moving equipment.As with any machine moving operation with Hovair Systems equipment, the operator should always be safety minded, and this includes having several assistants placed around the load when being moved. This makes good sense and ensures that the machine and the assistants stay safe at all times.

Naturally, in the case of higher loads or loads with high center of gravity, the operator should be aware of the higher CoG and the possibility of the load or machine toppling under its own properties. With additional care these loads can also be moved in safety and without incident.

The only time that a loaded air caster system could potentially be in an unsafe position, is if the floor surface the system is operating on is out of level and has a slight incline to it. If this is the case, and even if the floor is smooth, polished and non-porous, there will be a possibility that when the load is lifted away from the floor and is in a state of flotation, it might have a tendency to follow the path of the incline to a lower level. I this were the case, the load would automatically do this without assistance from anyone. It'll do it on its own. This is what we at Hovair Systems call "gravity drift." There is absolutely no cause for alarm of any kind, and this is why we always recommend having several assistants in attendance around the load when it is being moved.

Hovair air casters are very safe to use.

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