Air Bearings and Casters Information - Are Air Bearings Easy To Replace?

Are air bearings easy to replace?

Absolutely. At Hovair Systems we manufacture all our products with the customer in mind. This means that most individual components are easy to locate and replace if necessary.

A-type air bearings are fitted to their load modules by a single hex-head bolt through the load pad and into the load module.

B-type air bearings are usually mounted on an aluminum back plate which is fitted to the load module via a mounting bolt on each corner. There is also a center fitting bolt through the load pad.

VL-type air bearings are not replaceable as they are incorporated directly into their stainless steel modules. In the event that an air bearing needs to be replaced, simply replace the complete module.

Air bearings are also very easy to replace when they are incorporated into products such as aluminum transporters, air pallets, air beams, lifting jacks and vehicle turntables etc.

Every product that leaves our factory has an operator's manual that covers the air bearing replacement process for that product.

Our support team is always ready to answer questions on air bearing replacement and air caster load moving systems. Please don't hesitate to contact us for fast, friendly, and no obligation info to suit your needs and specs. Or call us on our toll-free number - (800) 237-4518.

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