Air Bearing and Caster Information - Why Do Air Bearings Need To Be Individually Adjusted?

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Air bearings need to be adjusted for a variety of reasons, some of which we have outlined below:

  • Uneven load weight meaning that certain areas of a load will need more air pressure than other areas. Having the ability to apply more air pressure to individual air bearings means that you can have a more stable, smooth running load moving system.

  • Even the most evenly weighted and level-looking loads may well need to have different air pressures applied to different air bearings. Individual air pressure adjustment will ensure that your loads move smoothly and efficiently across the floor.

  • Loads of uneven or irregular shape can mean that you would need to place individual air bearings at strategic locations with more/less air pressure for balance purposes.

  • Uneven or cracked floor surfaces often cause air bearings to operate less efficiently than when on perfectly smooth floors. You might encounter areas where there are cracks, or small holes, in the floor surface that might only affect one air bearing as the load travels. Being able to adjust/increase air pressure to an individual air bearing will sometimes assist in moving your load smoothly over the deviation.

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