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Hovair Systems air bearing kits - the best solution for Moving Heavy Loads

Lightweight aluminum, low profile air bearing kits - Hovair Systems air bearing kits - the best solution for Moving Heavy LoadsThe easiest and most cost-effective way to get started in moving heavy loads with pneumatic powered equipment is to purchase an Air Bearing Kit. The advantage of purchasing a kit is that you get everything you could possibly need in one complete package. There will be no running around trying to find hose connectors, or the right size tee-pieces, or other bits and pieces required to assemble your heavy load moving system. A kit ensures you can set up to move your load quickly.

Kits are the ideal choice for both first-time users and seasoned users alike. For seasoned users, you can use individual modules of a new kit to bolster an existing system when more lifting power is required. These air bearing kits are truly versatile and flexible.

Everything In One Package
That's right! Everything you need for moving heavy loads will be included in your package. At the time of placing the order, your Hovair support contact will identify your needs and will advise you of everything that will be required and make sure they are all included in your kit package. The only thing you will have to do is supply the air supply pipe to connect to the system. Your heavy load moving jobs will immediately become much easier.

Setting Up Is A Breeze
Assembling your new air bearing kit system is very easy with everything virtually snapping together with quick-disconnect fittings. In fact, it would be very difficult to "get it wrong." All air bearing kits come complete with an easy-to-understand operator manual which has our (800) 237-4518 free telephone support number on the bottom of each page. It really can't get any easier. Moving heavy loads can't get much easier.

Our Free Video CD has footage showing a typical air bearing kit being assembled, and then being put through its paces under a heavy load - moving a selection of steel girders.

Air Bearing Kit Options

There are several air bearing kit options available to ensure that you are able to get a system that is exactly right for your particular load moving needs. In cases where we don't have exactly what you need, our skilled staff are usually able to adapt a system and tailor it exactly for your needs. Hovair Systems can usually find ideal heavy load moving solutions for your needs.

Here are the main air bearing kit options available. Click on each picture to learn more each system.

Round Steel Air Bearing Kit

Round steel air bearing kits - the best in Heavy Load Moving solutions. Recommended for permanent fitting to heavy machinery for repetitive movements.

More on Round Steel modules

Using A-type air bearings, round steel air bearing kits are the ideal solution for moving heavy machinery throughout your workplace. Machines that need frequent moving can have these amazing air bearings fitted directly to them and left in position. Once the move has been made, simply pull the hoses away and you're done. To move the machine again, attach the hoses, switch on the air, and off you go. It really is that simple. Mounting plates are available for permanent load attachment.

Mounted on round steel modules with a set of 12-inch air bearings, a kit can lift and float loads of up to 4000 pounds with ease. Increase the size of your bearings and you can lift weights up to 100 tons and more.

Square Aluminum Air Bearing Kit

Lightweight, square aluminum, air bearing kits - the best in Heavy Load Moving solutions. Comes with all fittings necessary and OPTIONAL remote control

More on Square Aluminum modules

Using A-type air bearings, square aluminum air bearing kits offer the same qualities as the round steel kits - see above, except that they are lightweight and more suitable for sliding under loads and machinery.

The square aluminum modules use exactly the same air bearings as the round steel modules, so lifting capacities are the same. However, they do have a lower profile and need less clearance height than their round steel counterparts.

Set up is a breeze with hoses that incorporate quick disconnect fittings and an optional remote control box that takes care of air flow control to each module to ensure smooth operation.

Note: remote control is optional.

Low Profile Aluminum Air Bearing Kit

Lightweight aluminum, low profile air bearing kits - the best in Heavy Load Moving solutions

This low profile kit comes complete with high-lift, B-type air bearings, mounted to aluminum modules, a remote control unit for easy air flow control, all valves, hoses and other necessary fittings.

Standard kits are fitted with 12-inch bearings each with a lifting capacity of 2200 lbs, and a combined capacity to lift loads of over 8800 lbs. Kits are available with lifting capacities of 100 tons and beyond.

B-type air bearings have the added feature of being able to lift loads vertically away from the floor before floating them to their destination. These work well with loads that have to be lifted clear of their base before moving.

These aluminum models have a very low profile and can easily slide under loads with only 1" clearance height.

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VL-type Stainless Steel Air Bearing Kit

Lightweight stainless steel, low profile air bearing kits - the best in Heavy Load Moving solutions

More on Stainless Steel modules

The VL air bearing kit comes complete with a set of four VL air bearings secured into stainless steel modules. Also included are air flow control valves and 90 elbow adapters, a set of four air supply hoses, ball valve and tee-pieces as necessary.

VL air bearing kits are most suited to moving loads weighing between 500 and 1500 lbs, and are especially ideal for attaching directly to delicate lightweight machinery that is moved repetitively.

The VL bearings shown here are designed to attach permanently to machinery or loads that are frequently moved. Each move then only requires the attachment of the air supply hoses. Attachment to the load is via a central bolt, the specifications of which are determined at the time of order.

Check out the types of floor surface required for the above systems

Our support team is always ready to answer questions on air bearing kits and associated equipment for moving heavy loads. Please don't hesitate to contact us for fast, friendly, and no obligation info to suit your needs and specs. Or call us on our toll-free number - (800) 237-4518.

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