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Lift & Move Heavy Machines Safely and Easily

Air Pallets - weight capacities up to 5 tons - can be handled by boys and girls.A Hovair Air Planks (beams) Load Moving System. Great for awkward shaped loads and awkward sizes, too. Lengths can be up to 12 ft. Can be customized to quit your needs.Hovair Industrial Turntable - Great for factory and component feed use. Diameters start at 3ft and there are plenty of options. Foot or hand control available.Hovair round steel air casters showing top and bottom view. Bottom view shows the onboard air bearing and flow control valve.Here is a typical Hovair round steel air caster kit system. It shows everything that's included. you can get set up with hardly any tools. Lift and move heavy machines starting at 1 ton going through to 50 tons and beyond.

See Our Products in Action Below

A Hovair Kit System moving 1350 kgs (3000 lbs) of girders A Hovair Systems Air Pallet with 136 kgs (300 lbs) load on board
Here's a Hovair underground turntable in action A Hovair Air Plank set moving a heavy conveyor machine


Here are some of the tremendous benefits you will enjoy when operating your air powered system from Hovair:

  • Cost-effective, affordable and tremendous value.

  • Only requires compressed air - no other power source.

  • Exact pinpoint positioning guaranteed - 360° turning.

  • Great for clean room operations - clean & green.

  • No special training required, safe & easy to use.

  • Versatility at its best - can handle all shapes and sizes.

  • Low operating costs.

  • Can be used by both males and females.

  • The best support team in the business.

  • Environmentally friendly using only compressed air.

  • Will not damage your floors (this is priceless).

  • Get your load into tight spaces where forklifts can't.

  • Convenient - everything snaps together easily.

  • Safe reliable and maintenance free.

  • Increases productivity - moves more, costs less.

  • Tremendous lifting power - blows forklifts away.

  • Fully detailed owner manual with every product.

  • Four types of air bearing to choose from.

machine under way
nanovsky electrical machine
Buckeye air skid

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Are You New To Air Casters? If so, here is all the info you need to understand how they work, and how they can benefit you in your load moving needs.

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Air Bearings & Casters - Load Moving Systems & Equipment

Lift & Move Heavy Machines Safely and Easily

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